Gossip Girl – Episode Guide

3.04 – Dan de Fleurette
Directed by: Mark Piznarski | Written by: John Stephens
[ aired on October 5, 2009 ]

It’s Jenny’s first day as Queen Bee; A famous actress, Olivia Burke, is assigned as Vanessa’s roommate.

3.06 – Enough About Eve
Directed by: John Stephens | Written by: Jake Coburn
[ aired on October 19, 2009 ]

Dan invites Olivia to meet Rufus and Lily, which leads to all sorts of problems for the new couple; Serena and Nate team up to help Carter Baizen.

3.07 – How to Succeed in Bassness
Directed by: Joe Lazarov | Written by: Sara Goodman
[ aired on October 26, 2009 ]

Serena helps Chuck open his club, but Blair feels left out; Dan is unnerved watching one of Olivia’s sex scenes with a former co-star.

3.08 – The Grandfather: Part II
Directed by: Mark Piznarski | Written by: Lenn K. Rosenfeld
[ aired on November 2, 2009 ]

Olivia says something she regrets during a talk show appearance and tries to keep Dan from finding out; Nate suspects that his grandfather will stop at nothing to get Trip elected to congress.

3.09 – They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?
Directed by: Alison Maclean | Written by: Amanda Lasher
[ aired on November 9, 2009 ]

Jenny sets her sights on landing the hottest escort for Cotillion. Dan is upset when Olivia contemplates leaving school. All-girl French band PLASTISCINES performs.

3.10 – The Last Days of Disco Stick
Directed by: Tony Wharmby | Written by: Leila Gerstein
[ aired on November 16, 2009 ]

Dan and Olivia sign up to write and star in a school play, based on an idea by Blair and directed by Vanessa.