In Search of Santa

Character: Princess Crystal (voice)
Directed by: William R. Kowalchuk Jr.
Written by: Michael Aschner
Produced by: William R. Kowalchuk
Other cast: Haylie Duff, Kathleen Barr, Scott McNeil
Release date: November 23, 2004
Genre: Family, Animation
Running time: 80 minutes

A pair of sisters journey to the North Pole to prove that a mysterious sleigh bell belongs to one of Santa's reindeer.

– This is the first animated roles for Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff respectively.

Character’s Quotes
– Santa Claus is a jolly old elf who lives in the North Pole. His kingdom is protected by magic walls, visible only to true believers.
– All year round, Santa and his busy elves build toys, and every Christmas Eve, Santa’s flying reindeer lift his sleigh high into the sky to help deliever toys to good little girls and boys.