Stay Cool

Character: Shasta O'Neil
Directed by: Ted Smith
Written by: Mark Polish
Produced by: Janet DuBois, Ken Johnson, Jonathan Sheldon
Other cast: Winona Ryder, Mark Polish, Sean Astin, Josh Holloway, Jon Cryer
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running time: 94 minutes

An author who returns to his hometown to deliver a commencement address to a class of graduating high school students has to deal with his feelings for an old flame as well as the advances of a student who has the hots for him.

– Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda.

Character’s Quotes
– A good hug is just like unlock all of those years paint of pain.
– You can say yes now, and you can always say no later. But if you say no now, then you’ll never ever have a chance to say yes.